1. Applicability

These Terms and Conditions of Use are applicable on www.fibremood.com owned by Fibre Mood bvba (offices located at Dok Noord 7/107, 9000 Ghent, company number 0697.634.589, email: info@fibremood.com). Every visit to the website is subject to these Terms and Conditions of Use. By visiting the website, you are tacitly and unconditionally agreeing with the applicability of these Terms and Conditions of Use. Fibre Mood can amend these Terms and Conditions of Use at any time and the amended Terms and Conditions of Use are applicable as from the moment these are published on the website. This version was last updated on 07/07/2021.

2. Liability

Fibre Mood works to ensure that the information on its website is up to date, reliable, and complete. Consulting and using the website is at the visitor’s own risk. Fibre Mood cannot make any guarantees concerning the truthfulness, completeness, or accuracy of the information on its website, regardless of whether this concerns the content supplied directly by it or by third parties. The responsibility for this lies with the author of the article or post or the photographer of the photo or video. Therefore, Fibre Mood is also not liable for any possible damage of any nature whatsoever, either directly or indirectly, that you may incur in the context of visiting our website. Fibre Mood cannot be held liable for any interference, viruses, interruptions, or errors in the network. Therefore, we always recommend that you have the required anti-virus and security software installed on your devices. Fibre Mood maintains the right to optimise or change the layout, content, structure, scope, name, sections, technical features, and accessibility of this website at any time and without any prior notification. A temporary stoppage or unavailability or the delayed operation of the website cannot give rise to any kind of damage claims or any other financial compensation.

3. Access to and use of our website

You have the right to use our website for private purposes. Commercial use, for example the use of (parts of) the website to earn advertising income or the (partial) takeover of content, is strictly prohibited. You may not obstruct the normal operations of our website and you must undertake to comply with the following code of conduct while visiting our website:

1. You shall not violate the intellectual property rights of Fibre Mood or of the authors and photographers, in the broadest sense of the word, who post their work on our website;

2. You shall not commit any acts that could prevent other visitors from using our website;

3. You shall not distribute spam or any other inappropriate messages or information via our website; 4. You shall not distribute viruses or other malware;

5. You shall not evade or obstruct the security on this website;

6. You shall comply with the ‘Registration’ and ‘Code of Conduct’ rules below for the website when required to register.

Non-compliance with one or more of these clauses in the Code of Conduct shall result in our right to refuse you access to our website.

4. Links to other websites

Our websites contain multiple links to third-party websites. This does not necessarily mean that Fibre Mood recommends these websites, is in agreement with the content on these websites, or collaborates with these sites in any way whatsoever. Fibre Mood also cannot make any guarantees concerning the appropriateness, truthfulness, completeness, or security of these websites. Fibre Mood cannot be held liable for damage incurred while visiting these third-party websites.

5. Intellectual property rights

All patterns, text, and images on FibreMood.com are protected by intellectual copyrights held by Fibre Mood or third parties. It is strictly prohibited to save, reproduce, change, publish, distribute for free or at a charge, or send the information on the website in any way whatsoever that may violate intellectual property rights and without prior, written permission. It is also strictly prohibited to create clothing and accessories based on our patterns and make them available to third parties, to sell them, or to make any commercial profit on them whatsoever, without prior, written permission.

If Fibre Mood has granted you written permission to reuse the patterns, text, and images on the website, then you must always state FibreMood.com as the source, together with the Fibre Mood logo, and the names of any of the proprietors. Upon being granted permission to use the data, you will also receive an overview of all the specifications to be taken into consideration.

You may use or reproduce without our permission our articles, patterns, and images as a private person for your own private use or as a teacher for the disabled, or for internal and non-commercial use.

6. Registration

You can find a lot of inspiration on our website to get started making clothing and accessories for yourself and your loved ones. You will also get sneak peeks of our community on the homepage, as well as see the member of the week, the bloggers of the week, information about our blog parties, our calendar, the dates for the sew-alongs, etc. You do not have to register for these. If you would like to access the entire website, including the instructions, videos, be a part of the community, be able to access the entire calendar, our shop world map, participate in sew-alongs, etc., then you do have to register. You can do this by creating a profile via your personal FibreMood.com account or via another supported account (e.g. Facebook, Google, etc.).

By registering, you explicitly agree with the following:

a) to provide correct, accurate, up-to-date, and complete information about yourself where requested to do so on the registration form, and

b) to update this information immediately whenever it may change.

The password that you choose and with which you registered is personal. Do not share this with third parties. We will send you a confirmation email after you register.

Fibre Mood maintains the right, whenever it reasonably suspects that the information provided is untruthful, incomplete, or outdated, to suspend or refuse the registration and/or the requested service(s).

You can read more about this in our Privacy Policy.

7. Code of Conduct

These rules are applicable whenever you respond to the content on our website and/or converse with other visitors to our website. You can only respond and converse online once you have registered.

You grant Fibre Mood permission to distribute, use, process, translate, and change the information that you post online on our website. ‘Information’ is understood to mean all text, replies, photos, videos, and audio files. If this information belongs to third parties, you must acquire their prior, written permission to publish this information. You indemnify Fibre Mood against any possible claims from third parties concerning their copyrights or any other rights to this information.

If you believe that certain information on our website constitutes a violation of the law, please report this to info@fibremood.com. We will investigate any criticisms or complaints that you communicate to us and will take appropriate measures as quickly as possible (including removal of the relevant information, among other things).

You are responsible for the replies you post online; this applies to all text, photos, audio files, and audio-visual materials. The publication of your reply does not imply that Fibre Mood shares or supports your opinion. Any replies that have the following characteristics are strictly prohibited and will be removed without any prior notification. Furthermore, Fibre Mood may terminate your registration at any time if you repeatedly violate this Code of Conduct.

• Replies that attack the private life or the good name of other users; Stalking, defamatory replies, floods of abuse, gross insults;

Replies that are an expression and/or incitement of racial hatred, racism, negationism/denialism, and discrimination, of any kind whatsoever;

• Responses in violation of public order and decency;

• Publishing pornographic images and expressions of paedophilia;

• Replies that act as a form of advertising;

Violations of the intellectual rights of Fibre Mood or other parties;

• Hacking or attempted hacking of our website;

• Spamming;

• Replies that entail threats;

• Replies in which other people (and their opinions) are not dealt with decently.

A few other practical tips: Keep your replies short and simple. Our editorial team can always shorten your replies.
Avoid pointless replies that do not express an opinion; no-one benefits from these. We will not post replies in all caps.

8. Contact

If you have any questions or feedback on these Terms and Conditions of Use, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@fibremood.com .

9. Disputes

The use of this website is subject to Belgian law. Insofar as the applicable legislation allows, any disputes shall be under the jurisdiction of the Tribunals and Courts of Ghent.